Summarizing the Crystal Crux


Not saying this is final but this is what I’m working with.  What do you think?

“We all second-guess ourselves.  For Pero of Penafiel, a Spanish caballero stationed in Italy in 1198, it’s become a compulsion, the crux of his troubles.

Pero’s confidence has been shaken and the wall between his idyllic world and the supernatural is crumbling.  Paranoia overwhelms as integrity wanes.  Terrifying visions infiltrate his psyche.  Ghostly specters, fire-breathing dragons and snarling wolves run rabid through his dreams.  Threats from the Church and the powerful Fabbro family in Parthenope as well as the appearance of Sinibaldus, an unholy giant possessing a Bellerophon Crystal, push the knight to the breaking point.  Arrogantly christening himself a scapegoat, Pero decides to carry his sins from Capua before his enemies come for him.

Cursing God, ignoring Francis Whitehall’s advice and forsaking Anthea Manikos weeks before their wedding, Pero of Penafiel bolts for Eagles Pass, a hellish forest corridor near the Apennines from which no adventurer’s ever return.

The Quest for the truth has begun.  Dark secrets will be exposed.  The Crystal Crux is playing havoc with the civil war being waged for the Holy Rmoan Empire.  Friends are betraying friends.  Can Pero rediscover his courage and integrity before hopelessness destroys his sanity and gets him killed?”

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