Over the weekend, my book ‘THE CRYSTAL CRUX – BETRAYAL’ received a Five Star Gold rating from Readers’Favorite Book Review.  Very pleased and excited by this.  I’ve entered the book into a few other sites for review as well as contests, so we’ll see what happens with those.

Here’s an excerpt of the review :  I included a link at the bottom to read the whole review.

Reviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite:
(Just an excerpt) I very much enjoyed The Crystal Crux: Betrayal, Volume One. Author Allen M. Werner has written a complex, intricate and highly engaging tale that will enthrall his readers from the very beginning and will keep them obsessively turning the pages until the very end. The author’s abilities in world creation are simply second to none and readers will feel as if they can slip through the pages to the landscapes that he paints with his words. The characters are vividly drawn and realistic, even in the fantastic environment, a mark of an excellent author. Any reader who enjoys a great work of fantasy, a little bit of romance, or just a creative work of fiction in general should absolutely give The Crystal Crux: Betrayal, Volume One a read. I am pleased to be able to recommend this book, and hope that I see more by the very promising author, Allen M. Werner, in the very near future!  Link to the Review Site

I’m open to exchanging reviews with anyone else who wants to do a swap on Smashwords, Amazon, WordPress, Readers’ Favorite or Goodreads.

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