My Interview

I finally went through the process to get my eBook version of The Crystal Crux-Betrayal published through Smashwords which opens it up for purchase in a host of other markets including Barnes & Noble Nook, Apple iBooks, Oyster, Kobo, Scribd and several others.  It also puts into a format that libraries, schools and universities prefer.  So I believe I’ve done just about everything I can do from a production point-of-view to make it accessible to anyone who wants it.

And with the Smashwords completion came an interview where I get to tell more about myself and my likes, experiences and writing habits.  If you follow the links below, you can access the interview at Smashwords, my 5 star gold review, as well as several articles on my viewpoint of my characters in the book.  They all make for good reading, so I hope you take the time to check them all out!

Click Here – Link to SMASHWORDS Interview

Below that, I provided a link to the 5 star gold rating review I received from READERS FAVORITE BOOK REVIEW.  Click Here – Link to 5 Gold Star Review

Read about my viewpoint on my characters in the book.

Pero de Alava  Click Here – Read about Pero

Anthea Manikos  Click Here – Read about Anthea

Ophis the Black Dragon  Click Here – Read about Ophis

You can also watch the Book Trailer on YouTube   Video Trailer


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