Capri, Italy

One of the pleasures of writing Historical Fantasy is discovering and learning about real places and real legends, real histories.  My research for Book Two of The Crystal Crux series has taken me to the isle of Capri, a tourists wonderland south of Naples (Parthenope).  I plan to make good use of the Villa Jovis (Villa of Jupiter), built by the Roman Emperor Tiberius around 27AD.  I’m also going to incorporate the Grotto Azzurra or Blue Grotto into the mix.  In ancient and medieval times, the myriad caves and grottoes beneath the island, many only accessible by water, were considered haunted, teeming with supernatural beasts and spirits.  It should be fun.

I’ve included a link with a Capri travel site featuring a ride into the Grotto Azzurra.
The Blue Grotto

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