A Couple Updates

While I’m busy working on Book Two of THE CRYSTAL CRUX series – Blue Grotto – I have a couple other irons in the fire.

First off, the second book will be done no later than the very end of October, with a release in early November.  I know we all would like it done sooner but that might not be humanly possible.  Hang in there.

Second, I started working on cover designs for the second book.  I’m hoping it turns out amazing!

Third, I have another website thecrystalcrux.com where I also publish articles concerning The Crystal Crux series.  Be sure to check out my writings over there!  I don’t want to repeat myself and populate both sites with similar material so you can find interesting background information and character studies about the series over there.

Fourth, I just added my book to another promotional site called One Stop Fiction.  You can check it out on the following link.  One Stop Fiction : The Crystal Crux-Betrayal

Other than that, it is back to work.  I have a whole eight hours ahead of me with nothing else to do but write!  I love weekends!

I'd like your feedback

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