Updating Information

Just a few words to remind everyone that I’m still shooting for a Fall release of the second novel in THE CRYSTAL CRUX series titled BLUE GROTTO.  I was hoping to get it done by October but that may not be possible.  Still some work to do and it is not where I want it to be, so I’ll keep plugging away.

For the cover, I toyed around with several ideas but decided against all of those.  I am now building a model cave in my basement – my own rendition of the BLUE GROTTO.  I’m pleased with my progress, taking pictures during the journey.  I hope to write an article and feature the pictures of the project in its various stages when the model is complete and the book is released.


Be sure to recommend the first book – BETRAYAL – to all your friends and family and urge them to write a review especially on Amazon.  Even if it is a few simple words saying something positive, that helps.  Reviews are an authors best road to notice.  Happy Reading!

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