Both the Paperback and Kindle version of my second novel, the second book in THE CRYSTAL CRUX series – BLUE GROTTO – is available!  I’m excited!
I need readers!  I need reviews!  Contact me directly if you have any questions!


What is the second book about?
Well, Francis Whitehall and Guidus Salvatore survived the siege on Capua and have spent the night trudging west, unsure where they are going or what their next move will be.
Pero de Alava wakes in the sanctuary prison somewhere in The Eagles Forest.  He’s unsure what his options are, fearful of testing the resolve of the militant creatures who case the grounds, waiting a chance to take him and kill him.
Rugerius Fabbro, having taken Capua, has a surprise up his sleeve.  Beyond his father’s reach, he’s changed the plan slightly.
The giant magician, Sinibaldus, has a secret of his own.  He did not inform Gherardus or any of the Fabbro family about Pero’s escape and discovery of the sanctuary prison.  He plans to resolve this issue on his own but has to help Rugerius with his change in plans.

There is a whole world of secrets trying to stay in the dark.  Will the light of the Bellerophon Crystal reveal the truth before it is too late and all is lost?

The Crystal Crux – Betrayal covered ONE DAY of events.
The Crystal Crux – Blue Grotto covers days TWO and THREE.
In all, the tale will cover TEN days.
And for those anxious for more – I’m working on a YA edition of the Blue Grotto.  I hope to release it before Christmas.
So plan your gifts accordingly.  Send your family and friends a copy of the BETRAYAL and THE BLUE GROTTO.  And please, leave a review on Amazon!

Thank you everyone for your support!  I look forward to writing book three.
Happy Reading!

I'd like your feedback

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