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If you did not already know it, I have two websites I try to maintain, as well as a Facebook page and Pinterest.  I have a Twitter feed and Tumblr page but I’m not really good with those and haven’t done a whole lot on them.

While this website is about me, the Author (who hopes to branch out and have other projects in the future), my other website is exclusively committed to THE CRYSTAL CRUX series.  Be sure to check it out and follow me there.

On Facebook, you can follow my page where I try to keep it light and informational.
Facebook Page for The Crystal Crux

You can also follow my Pinterest site where I post a lot of dragons, medieval and fantasy stuff.  Fan art is always welcome.  I’d love to see some impressions people have received from the book.  Pinterest Site

If you click on the link I’m providing here, you can read a piece I just wrote today on Book Two of the series, Blue Grotto.  Learn More About Book Two

Please pick up a copy of the new book and let me know what you think.
Amazon : The Crystal Crux-Blue Grotto
Write a review!  Authors need reviews!  They are important!
Thanks for all the support!  – Allen

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