Goodbye 2016

While it can be argued that many bad things happened in 2016, I will always remember that this was the year my dream to become a published author came true.

The Crystal Crux – Betrayal : Released in January 2016.
Click Here to purchase The Crystal Crux – Betrayal

The Crystal Crux – Blue Grotto : Released in November 2016.
Click Here to purchase The Crystal Crux – Blue Grotto

Since I never attended university, this has been one of the most intense years of study in my life.  I’ve read and written more than at any other point in my life – and I loved every minute of it.  It has been well worth the effort.  I’m already looking forward to 2017.

My plans?

Soon I will begin working on Book Three of The Crystal Crux series.  I have a few notes jotted down but nothing serious.  I believe it will cover days 4 and 5 of the ten day journey.

I also started scratching down notes for two other books.

One is a suggestion from my youngest daughter, Samantha.  She liked the mythology of Chapter 6 – Vesuvius and Parthenope in Blue Grotto and thought it might make a good story by itself.  I agree.  I’m going to write a love story between a centaur and a siren.  That should be a mythological oddity.  (On a side note – Samantha is a writer herself and she has a wonderful children’s book about a dragon family we are going to try to publish later this year.  I’ll keep you all informed.  The hardest part is that it will be a picture book and we need to get that together.)

Second project is a Dwarves story.  I had some concrete ideas in mind but will only work on this if time cooperates.  I might not get to this project in 2017.

Third project is a long term concept which I have always intended would follow after I completed The Crystal Crux series.  I have another knight’s tale that’s been on the back burner for years.  I’m pretty sure that is a couple years down the road.

Anyway, I have a lot of reading, writing and research to do in 2017.  Hopefully our needs will continue to be sufficed and our health maintained.  No one knows what tomorrow will bring.  This is the only day promised to us.

I’ll leave 2016 with the wise words of Umberto, a stableman on the estate of Guidus Salvatore’s parents in Florence.  (Chapter 32 – Blue Grotto)

Umberto took a liking to a young Guidus and was teaching him the art of whittling.

“People will look at the completed work and not even notice the hazards you faced and had to overcome.  They will see only a skilled master and his art.  The hindrances will be invisible to everyone else.  Only you will know the truth.  Your scars will remind you of everything you have been through and that is the real value in all you do.  How much do you appreciate it?  How much do you love it?”

Blessings to all this New Year’s Eve!  Hello 2017.

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