The Grand Transition

In 1986, I lost one of my brothers to complications from Duchene’s Muscular Dystrophy. I wrote a short 600 word article on my experience at his bedside the night he died. I won the 1989 WRWA Jade Ring contest with this article. This is a very short piece and includes a little insight into my life with my brothers Mike and Steve, who both suffered from Muscular Dystrophy including some pictures.

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Allen M Werner is also the author of The Crystal Crux series.
There are currently three books available in The Crystal Crux series.
The First Book – Betrayal.
The Second Book – Blue Grotto

The third book – The First Three Days – is a YA version combining the first two books into one cleaner, less graphic volume.

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Allen M Werner also authored a short Bible Study booklet called Little Chamber Shorts.

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