I’ll admit, as a reader of books, listening to an audiobook was not on my to-d0-list.  Just reading a book on Kindle or a tablet recently started for me.  I’m still old school and love to hold a paperback in my hands, turn the pages, dive into typed word, easily scrolling back to maps and other reference material and character descriptions an author has provided.

I’m used to the Kindle app now and read downloaded books.

It wasn’t until I wrote my first book, The Crystal Crux-Betrayal, and had it turned into an audiobook, that I explored the medium more.  What have I learned?

One – I don’t want to “read” a book for the first time by listening to it.  I still prefer the silence in my head, a quiet place where it is just me, the author and the characters communicating.

Two – I really do like audiobooks now – ONCE I have already read the book and really like the book.  I found that once I know the story, I do enjoy hearing it again but this time read to me.  I can walk around and do other things, and know where I am in the tale and listen especially for parts that moved me or I enjoyed.

While I still like having music playing when I work, I found there are now times where I like having an audiobook on instead.

My current favorite audiobooks are the Jack Whyte’s Camulod Chronicles.  I can just let the story of Gaius Publius Varrus (or Merlin as many know him), be retold by an excellent narrator, Kevin Pariseau.


So, in this, I do recommend audiobooks.

I will tell you they are often more expensive than other books BUT I truly understand why after having gone through the process for my first book.  I give those who do the audio, all the credit in the world, especially when they have to deal with some of the words and language we authors throw at them.  I remember my narrator was so befuddled by the name of Pero de Alava’s horse, Zaon.

These narrators, like authors, put hours and hours of work into the project, and often, like authors, see little payback for their labors.  It is a hard sell.  One must truly love the art to do it.

Lastly, I will add, I still have publicity codes for a free audio copy of my book, The Crystal Crux-Betrayal, for those who might be interested.  All I will ever ask in return is a fair and honest review for the gift – nothing more, nothing less.

Click Here for The Crystal Crux – Betrayal




One thought on “AUDIOBOOKS

  1. Andy T. says:

    Your comment about liking audiobooks ONCE you have read the actual book is pretty spot on. I, too, prefer reading a book before listening to it being read to me, but audiobooks do have a place. I think that my level of enjoyment with an audiobook often depends on who the narrator is, too.

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