Dragon, Fly


Collaborating with my youngest daughter, Samantha, we published a new children’s book called, ‘Dragon, Fly.’  Currently it is only available through Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.  We will be getting it out to other booksellers soon.

Samantha wrote the story for a writing class in High School.  Because it was a school project focused on the writing elements, the graphics were anything she could get from other sources and, of course, could not be used if she intended to actually publish the story.

Years later, here we are.  I dragged her cute dragon story out of my archives and plotted a method by which to bring bright and energetic graphics to the story.  My inability to draw and paint with any skill necessary to deliver on this challenge, brought me to homemade play-doh.

I mixed up a batch in several colors and created some simple dragons that little children could identify with.  Grell, Harpo, MaMa and DaDa.

I took several pictures of each character from a couple and angles and then used photoshop to fashion backgrounds and insert the pictures.  The play-doh was actually rather dull on film so I livened the dragons up a bit.

Dragon, Fly is a children’s book.  I hope those with very small children give it a chance and let us know what they think through reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Purchase Kindle version for .99 cents

Purchase Paperback for $9.99

Happy Reading all, from me and my talented daughter, Samantha Werner.  She’s very excited to have a chance now to read her story to her nieces and nephews.


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