Long Overdue Update

Summer is officially here in Wisconsin and I became busier than expected.  I haven’t had much free time to update my websites, so here goes.

Today is my anniversary.  I’ve been married to my best friend for 24 wonderful years now.  No one could have a better helpmate, supporter and muse.  She is my whole world.

I recently celebrated my 52nd birthday.  The years just keep rolling up on me but somehow I’m still managing to stay fit enough to play soccer in an over-30 league.  Don’t know how long I can keep this up but I’m not giving up yet.

Two more grandchildren moved in with us for a month, making the grand total three.  This makes for a busy, somewhat noisy household, not conducive to writing and studying but a blessing all the same.

I have been reading and studying quite a bit.  I just finished reading Joe Abercrombie’s ‘Last Argument of Kings,’ the final book in the First Law Trilogy.  I wrote a review on Goodreads and Amazon that you can check out.  Suffice to say, for readers of fantasy fiction with a medieval theme, swords and sorcery, this whole trilogy was spectacular.

And lastly, my writing.  I am writing.  Book Three of The Crystal Crux series is coming together nicely.  I have over 41,000 words written down, all the chapters plotted out, POVs and so on, worked out.  It is going to be amazing – the best yet.  I can’t wait for followers of the series to read it and give me feedback.  So excited.

I have also chosen a title for the 3rd book and convinced one of my daughters, an art major, who’s work is the feature picture on this article, to do the artwork for the new book.  I know she is going to blow us all away with her skill.

Until then – everyone stay in good health, stay happy, and for God’s sake, keep reading.

Allen  🙂

Purchase the first book, The Crystal Crux:Betrayal by clicking here.



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