The Crystal Crux Book Three Update

I’ve been having a busy summer with work, reading and writing, not necessarily in that order.  I’ve had a great time attending Bristol’s Renaissance Faire three times this year.  Always such fun.  So many great acts.  So many wonderful costumes and charaters.  And the food!  Perfect weather each time.  No complaints.  Below is a picture of me and my Queen.


As far as book three of The Crystal Crux series goes, it is coming along.  I’ve got nearly 64,000 words done with quite a bit to go yet.  So much research and rewriting already going on, trying to get events and information in an exciting and decent order.  I’m having fun with it.  This is my working binder.  Yes, I like working on it by hand as much as on my laptop.  Just call me old school.


I do have an official working title which I will announce as we get closer to the release date and my daughter finishes designing the cover.  I’m excited to see how the cover turns out.

In the meantime, please keep spreading the word about the other two books (Betrayal and Blue Grotto) – and the Free Books on Smashwords (Raid on Chamonix and Knight Dream).  A self-published authors best advertisement is word of mouth.

Book Three is on its way.  Stay excited.  I am.

Click Here for Allen M Werner Smashword page

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