Recommended Reading

For those who love Historical Fiction from the Arthurian time period, I highly recommend you read Jack Whyte’s Camulod Chronicles.  The books explore the life of Caius Merlyn Britannicus, an ordinary citizen of Rome, serving in the legions when the Celts, Saxons and Picts ravage the countryside, leaving Britain to fight for its own identity amongst tribal strife.

Merlyn is a normal man, his mysticism and supernatural personification shown to be a result of his intelligence, calculated handling of events and bond with certain notable, respected characters – all giving rise to a name that transcends time.


And if you need Historical Fiction in Medieval Italy, be sure to check out my series, The Crystal Crux.  The first two books, Betrayal and Blue Grotto are available everywhere books are sold.  A YA edition called The First Three Days is also available.

Allen M Werner’s Amazon Author’s Page

Allen M Werner’s Smashword Author’s Page

Be sure to check out the Free Add-On books to the series, Raid on Chamonix and Knight Dream.

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