Medieval Word Bling

What is that?

For me, it is the last stage of editing my book.

Now that the book is written in its entirety and I’ve done all my basic word editing, I add the bling!

When I’m writing, I still write with words, nuances and phrases that are more appropriate for our time than medieval times.  And since The Crystal Crux series is based in medieval time, I now do a complete search of my manuscript, searching for words I know I don’t want to use.  I’m afraid some have snuck it, so I have to ferret them out.

And then I add more medieval terms that will enhance the story even more.

So close.  I’m hoping to have all the editing, formatting and bling done this weekend.

The Crystal Crux : Cold Knight should be released sometime next week!

03 IMG_9816 retouched Unicorn BOOK COVERsword2

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