Two years ago today, I released The Crystal Crux : The First Three Days.  The book is a YA adaptation of the first two books in The Crystal Crux series – Betrayal and Blue Grotto.

Because there are so many adult themes, dark images and sexual situations in the original series, it was difficult to create a work that whitewashed those elements into something presentable for younger readers.

While I believe it turned out well for a YA offering, I’m personally not as happy with it as I probably should be because I never intended to reach this audience with this story.

I am not sure if I will try to transform anymore of the remaining books in The Crystal Crux books into a YA edition.

For now, if you are a YA reader, or know a YA reader who is interested in entering the challenging world of The Crystal Crux, The First Three Days is a good place to start.

The entire Crystal Crux series is a 10 day adventure in the year 1198.

Pero de Alava, a caballero from Spain, stuck in the heart of Italy, curses God and begins a quest he doesn’t expect to ever return from.  He believes his sacrifice will save his people.

He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Betrayal covers the First Day.


Blue Grotto covers the Second and Third Day.


Cold Knight covers the Fourth and Fifth Day.

03 IMG_9816 retouched Unicorn BOOK COVERsword2


I’m currently working on a Prequel to the series before addressing the last five days.

Join the quest today!

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