This Time Last Year

It was one year ago today I officially began writing my current WIP.

It’s taking longer than I thought it would but I can’t let the process be rushed.

It can be difficult to watch other authors you know put out books in far less time but time management is an issue with us all.  And some writers have more time to work with than others.

While I still work a full-time job outside of writing, I have family interests that I won’t make secondary to writing.  I love writing.  I love reading and studying but the time I have with my family and friends are necessary and important parts of who I am.  I could never produce quality work if I were to allow those other areas of my life to suffer.

So for those waiting for my next book, let me just say – it is coming.

And for a little insight into the chief protagonist of the new book, he is a learned man who constantly has references from the past challenging his mind.  He can quote great philosophers of the past like Seneca the Younger and leans upon his knowledge of Marcus Aurerlius, Plato and the Caesars.  This focus on the intellect of others serves all too often to keep him unbalanced and reaching for a virtue he can never attain.  It should be interesting how it all works out in the end.

Until such time as the new book, the Prequel is done… Bear in mind the original three books in The Crystal Crux series, Betrayal, Blue Grotto and Cold Knight.  Word of mouth is a self-published authors best form of advertising.

You can also go to your local libraries and ask them to purchase a copy for you to loan out  This helps self-published authors as well.

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