The Paperboy Book Review

April 1994, PC Peter Hatherall is part of an investigation into the shooting death of Jeff Powell, a paperboy in the small village of Mickleburgh.

Peter is young and learning the job.  Despite a recent tragedy in his private life, he boldly stands up to his superiors.  His supervisor, Malcolm O’Toole, runs what Hatherall considers a shoddy investigation, clinging onto unsubstantiated evidence, leaving too many questions unanswered, forgoing too many leads, making too many assumptions.  It nearly ruins Peter’s career  It does send, what Peter believes, two innocent men to prison.

Fast forward twenty-four years later and a woman named Amanda Beresford is stabbed to death in a park.  The only witness to the murder is her young son.

When an old photograph is discovered hidden away in a locked drawer at Amanda’s home, the words ‘Mickle April 1994’ written on the back, alarm bells go off in Peter Hatherall’s head.

The now seasoned DCI, teams up with his partner Fiona, and they reopen a case many don’t want revisited.

The stakes get even higher when a friend of the murdered woman whom the police had interviewed and shown the photograph, goes missing.

‘The Paperboy’ is the 6th installment in the DCI Peter Hatherall Mystery collection.

The author, Diana J Febry, has proven once again, she knows her way around these small town crime tales, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat with her attention to detail and setting up a host of suspects with motive.  The characters are real, and those who have read previous stories in the Hatherall Mysteries, will see the growth in Peter and Fiona.  This book is a must read for all lovers of this genre.  5 Stars!
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