I’m Back With Some News

It’s been a while since I wrote on WordPress but I finally returned to this page and will hopefully be providing followers with even more exciting news soon.

The first thing of importance is that I’m working on the final edits of the new book, the fourth book in The Crystal Crux series.  And – I have an editor.

Betrayal, the first book in the series, went through a multitude of drafts with input and edits by many members of my family as well as close friends.

The next two books, Blue Grotto and Cold Knight, was all on me.  I had no editing assistance with those.

I am pleased to announce that for the fourth book, my daughter, Samantha, has agreed to edit and help me work through the snags.  She is an extremely talented writer herself, better than me, or so I believe.  She has dozens of great stories she has written over the years but has not yet tried to publish any.  It is my hope she will one day decide to give it a try.

Graduating from university next semester with a major in German language, this will be Samantha’s first attempt at editing a book.

I hope this experiment in editing also leads to bigger and brighter things for her future.

She’s a whiz with languages.  🙂

So stay tuned.  I’ll be posting more in the near future as the editing progresses.

Keep reading.  Keep writing.  Keep doing what you love.

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