It’s been a busy two months.  Several members of my family moved out recently and the wife and I have one child left in the nest.  The house was in a state of chaos with all the moving as well as some heavy rains that caused some flooding.  That sucked.

But things are finally getting back to normal (other than this (Covid-19 stuff) and my workspace is almost comfortable and organized enough to write again.

I was going to write some book reviews for several books I’ve read over the past 6 months or so but will just highlight them instead.

The Remains of the Day by Ishiguro Kazou – 4 stars.
Out of the Silent Planet (#1) by C.S. Lewis – 3 stars
The Lion Wakes (#1) by Robert Low – 3 stars
Children Of A Mad God (#1) by R.A. Salvatore – 2 stars
The Thunder King (#2) by C.S. Ratliff – 4 stars

Now we’re all caught up.

I’m currently reading ‘Trouble At Fatting House’ by Diana J Febry
Begin Again: James Baldwins’ America and It’s Urgent Lessons For Our Own by Eddie S Glaude Jr.

I’m also diving back into Book 4 of The Crystal Crux series with the help of my editor and daughter, Samantha Werner.  I don’t want to rush the writing but after so many delays, it would be nice to get another book out there.

Keep reading and continue to support Independent Authors.  Buy their books.  Publish reviews.  Spread the news by word of mouth.  It is the best advertisement self-published authors have.

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