Book Review Trouble At Fatting House

Recently widowed Kate Chapman accepts an invitation to be temporary caretaker of Fatting House, a horse farm in the English countryside. Her new friend, Simon Morris, still hoping to turn their platonic friendship into something else, accompanies her.

Upon arrival, they meet an elderly woman and her son, Beatrice and Roddy Dale, who live across the street. Beatrice is a bit absent-minded and talks about Roddy digging holes everywhere.

After receiving the keys, instructions for the care of the animals and seeing off the owner of Fatting House, Miss Emily Pritchard, the neighbors are soon killed.

Simon, new to sleuthing, decides to investigate the matter further since the local police have taken an interest in them, they being new arrivals and outsiders.

Kate and Simon interact with the locals including Fatting House’s handsome gardener, Damien, who takes a shine to Kate.

Kate and Simon learn about the lore behind the two houses and that includes another murder inside Fatting House, a Susan Illingworth. And with her death came tales of buried treasure.

One night, Kate returns to Fatting House to discover another dead body. And to make matters worse, Simon goes missing.

The police are really interested in Simon now.

Kate is worried about Simon but also left to question her relationship with him. Is he the murderer? The local police unearth secrets Simon held back from Kate about his family and possible ties he had with her late husbands accident. Is there a connection? Is Simon’s sudden appearance in her life coincidence or planned?

I’ve read several books by Diana J Febry now and they are all outstanding mysteries. The authors writing keeps improving with each new edition, the mysteries more intriguing. I highly recommend reading Trouble At Fatting House.

Allen M Werner is the author of the epic fantasy series The Crystal Crux

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