The Fomoire

In the new book, the 4th book in The Crystal Crux series – Shimmer, Pero de Alava travels to a strange new land where he battles beside the forces of Tuath De against the Fomoire.

The Fomoire are demonic beings that appear in Celtic mythology. They were a threat to the ancient Irish people known as the Milesians.

Their chief leader was a one-eyed monstrosity known as Balor. It was said, as a boy, Balor’s one eye was damaged by poisonous fumes concocted by druids. He spent most of his life keeping it closed, walking about in darkness except during times of war. Anyone who looked upon the eye would die.

The Fomoire, as well as disembodied specters, inhabit, in The Crystal Crux, the land of Eliade. They are a constant threat to the people of Tuath De, a people of many attributes, from centaurs to minotaurs, giants to leprechauns.

Pero, riding a fleece-white qilin, an enormous horse with wings and a golden horn, not only joins the ranks of the Tuath De, but is posed to become their leader, if he so wishes. But what does he wish? What does he want?

The Crystal Crux – Shimmer is currently available in paperback on Amazon.

The Kindle version is up for presale and will download automatically on February 11th, in time for Valentine’s Day.

There is a large print version of the paperback in the works and should be available soon.

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