Book Review : Immortal

“Seriously, look at us Tim. We both look ten years younger… doesn’t it worry you, the abnormality of it all?”

Daniel Burton has a wonderful life, a great marriage, children, a career. In his forties, he doesn’t feel as if there were anything missing. His life-long friend, Tim, a bachelor, convinces Daniel to start spending a weekend every month with him on an adventure. They will take turns choosing the destination. Daniel’s wife agrees that it would be okay for him to do this.

Interspersed with Daniel’s philosophy classes he teaches at Princeton as well as moments of his home life, Daniel goes on several adventures with Tim, returning from each feeling more invigorated. His health improves, as does his appearance. Tim’s does as well.

The book is not mystical. It never gets heavy or burdened down with prose and emotions. It is lighthearted and genuine in its approach to dealing with middle age. It is thought-provoking, especially in the classroom as he covers many of the great philosophers with his students. Well done. Enjoyed it.

Allen M Werner is the author of The Crystal Crux epic book series.

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