Book Review : Yield

As far as historical romance novels go, Yield by author B.J. Tiernan, really surprised me. I believe it will be truly engaging for readers of all genres. The author does a wonderful job of drawing the reader into the time period, never letting you go once you are inside.

The story follows the life journey of Marley Rensen, an American woman born into the Cold War era, into the time of the Civil Rights movement, Vietnam, Sputnik, the Kennedy assassination, Nixon and so on.

As a history buff, I loved how the reader is constantly kept aware of the larger world on which this woman’s life is set. And how can you go wrong mentioning the Packer’s victory in the Ice Bowl. (Packer fan here)

But the story itself is so much more than a series of historical moments. That’s just the backdrop for the visual and varied experiences Marley Rensen endures throughout her life. Abuse. Abortion. Regret. Self-condemnation. Love. Marriage. Adultery. Family. Unity. Loss. Her character is real and you are in her head, hearing her motivations, sharing her drama, getting caught up in her anxieties and inspirations, her remorse and desires. She’s human and her imperfections continue to haunt every decision she makes.

This book will touch a cord in the heart of anyone who has a heart. And I’ll admit I was brought to tears at certain points. The Vietnam War had a devastating effect on families and it does on Marley Rensen’s life as well.

I highly recommend this book. You’ll love it. Excellent. Five Stars.

Allen M Werner is the author of the Epic Fantasy series, The Crystal Crux

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