Updated Profile Pic : Pero de Alava

Pero’s profile was the first profile I did so I thought I would go back and update his picture now that my photoshop skills are improving. What do you think? I like it. My wife still wants to me do Francis again. I will do that eventually.

Serpents of gold light began to writhe in knots around Pero’s feet. Snaking, curling and twisting, they directed his path back towards the obelisk.
What is happening, Ven?”
Ven hesitated and thought, listened, looking around as if trying to see what should have been obvious. “I believe your mind is in distress, Pero. It’s being torn asunder. I fear destiny is not waiting on you any longer, Son of Penafiel, Master of Cielo Diamantes, Baron of Capua. Worlds are collapsing on one another. Shattering. History is adapting, compensating. You’ve got to decide.
Decide what?”
Whether or not you will be ruled by fear?”
Pero just stared at Ven, not comprehending.
The obelisk. You held out your hand to touch it and stopped. Why did you stop?
Scowling, insulted, Pero marched defiantly to the obelisk and raised his hand again; and once again, he hesitated. The storm of eagles had gathered directly overhead. They circled the obelisk like vultures. The golden bolts of light were drawn upwards off the ground inside swirling eddies of loose debris and leaves, crackling, snapping, exploding.
Doubt whispered in Pero’s ear…
Shimmer – Chapter 17

Allen M Werner is the author of the epic fantasy series The Crystal Crux

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