A New Release : No, Not That One

It’s been a busy summer and I had to step away from writing here. Just wanted to update on what is happening.

One of my daughters got married. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding with perfect weather. She was stunning as always and her husband is a good man who really loves her. My wife and I couldn’t be happier for her. We were surrounded by so much love, so many family members from all over the country that we hadn’t seen in years. It was wonderful. Perfect. We are still waiting to get the official wedding photos back. 🙂

We also made several trips to Bristol’s Ren Faire. It has become a passion for our family. Everyone gets dressed up and we spend the day in another time with fellow time travelers. So much fun. So sad that it ends today. Because of Covid, they closed it down last year, so it was good to go this year.

So that brings me to my announcement. I finished another writing but it is not the last book of The Crystal Crux series. I am still working on that. Patience.

This latest writing is a short study about faith and its place in my life during the current pandemic. It’s about separating spirituality from religion as well as a look at the world’s present course and behavior.


There’s a lot of animosity, spite, hate and vindictiveness polluting the world, and those are more damaging than the virus. I felt I need to say something, so here is that something. I hope you give it a read even if you are not a spiritual or religious person.

I priced it as low as Amazon allows. The Kindle version is free if you are enrolled in KDP. A physically copy should go live in the next couple days.

Thank you once again to all my supporters and readers. Hopefully before 2021 is over, the last book in The Crystal Crux series will be published. It promises to be something special. Huzzah!

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