Pleased to announce that the second sci-fi short story in the Tarfane space opera is published and available.

“Okay. Just promise me you will call me tonight. You know how I worry about you when you go on these Earth hunts. Those humans are savages.”
“I have been on dozens of hunts on Earth.” He looked to the heads mounted on the walls of the office. A lion. A giraffe. Two rhinos. Three humans. “Nothing ever happens, Mother.”

This is the story of Denker, a bored, wounded veteran dispassionately working as a guide for a safari corporation. He takes rich people to Earth to hunt. He’s done it many times before without any mishaps. Today, however, something is about to go very wrong.

The Jangpanya, for reasons unspecified, had been assigned to patrol the Gizusi Wasteland, shooing away raiders and pirates in that sector. It was, in many minds, a thankless job for such a prestigious ship.
Roskmeer Safaris won the official contract to conduct hunts on the various primitive planets in the Gizusi Wasteland, primarily Earth.

I am still working on the next book in The Crystal Crux series. It is coming along nicely. The Tarfane short stories are just a nice distraction, a side project. Hope everyone is enjoying reading them. And please remember to let others know and leave a review. Self-published authors need your help.

Tarfane Episode Two is priced like the first. It is .99 for the Kindle version unless you have KindleUnlimited which is free. The paperback version is $5.99.

I tried to include an Amazon link in this but for some reason WordPress is not cooperating. You’ll have to go and seek it out for yourselves. Sorry. Happy Reading!

“There is a tracking chip in your helmet. If for any reason you should become separated or an emergency occurs, you flip the cover off that red button near your earhole and press it. The Colort has tractor beam capabilities and can get an immediate fix and bring you back here.”

Allen M Werner is the author of the epic fantasy series The Crystal Crux

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