Forging Ahead

As Spring approaches and daylight savings leaps into this new year, I just wanted to update everyone on my writing progress.

The new book, the 5th and final book in The Crystal Crux series, is coming together nicely. Very pleased with certain chapters, hashing out others, struggling with a few. Nothing unexpected.

I’m also educating myself on the Affinity Photograph Program. This is a slow procedure, and I am finding as bulky and cumbersome as Photoshop was, I’m kind of missing it. It was said Affinity was easier to work with but I’m not seeing it, not yet. We’ll see. I may go back to Photoshop at some point. We shall see.

I thought I would be publishing a few more short stories in the Tarfane sci-fi collection but now that I am deeper in the next Crystal Crux book, anything I have written about Tarfane is just post-its and notes for the future.

Looking forward to some warmer weather although this has been a mild winter in southeastern Wisconsin. Lower than average snow totals and very few days of severe cold. Global warming? Who can say? Anyway, that’s all I got for now. Keep reading and stay inspired.

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