Still At It

Still working on the fifth and final book in The Crystal Crux series. Also have other news but that will come out as we near the release of the fifth book. A lot of work to do.

Here’s a little peak at an Affinity Photo project I was working on for the release. This is just me experimenting and trying to get better at it.

I think it is pretty cool. I’m going to try to create some more scenes from the story.

This scene, if you did not know, is from Book 3 : Cold Knight.

Viridian had long wondered about the true fate of her parents who were priests in some fire cult and lost at sea. The dragon, Ophis, allows her to be part of his memory destroying the ship they were on.

‘Nothing can stop me from avenging their deaths.  I am a child of the circle, born in fire, bound and promised to the dragon.  I’m a goddess and I shall be worshipped.’ – Viridian

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