Sticky Notes

I’m in good company.  From what I’ve researched, it seems most writers are swamped by sticky notes, little shorthanded blurbs of information on scraps of paper everywhere.  One of the greatest challenges is trying to organize this chaos, or at the very least, have a general idea where the note you are looking for might be.

Over the years, I have filled notebooks with information about a thousand different subjects I may, or may not need later.  Since I decided to start this website and need interesting filler – or things to keep people reading and thinking until the actual release date of my self-published book, I will start blogging on the information I have collected over the years.  It may help me.  This could be the elusive filing system I’ve been looking for.  Or, it might turn out to just be the mad rantings of a mad man.  Either way, I hope you find something useful in these forthcoming research blogs.IMG_1595

I'd like your feedback

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