The Long Haul

This has been a long journey.  It, by no means, came easy.  I’ve been working independently, reading and writing, absorbing everything I can, experimenting.  I peruse wordbooks, vocabulary builders and a thesaurus.  If I really have free time, I’ll page through a dictionary – yes, for fun.  The series I intend to publish in Spring of 2016 has been evolving for decades.  Even the time frame changed.  I originally intended to be a Roman Empire fantasy but the pieces never seemed to work together in that place.  Slowly, surely, it moved to the Middle Ages, where it now lives.  I’m very excited to finally have a chance to publish it.  All the re-editing is fun, this time.  I’m also learning a great deal about formatting for the publisher which is intense.  I’m sure it will eventually seem old hat.  Anyway, it’s coming.  I’ll start releasing quips and clips and other things as this page grows.  I still haven’t invited people to the page – so if you find it on your own – please be sure to like it, follow it, save it.  There is so much more to come!WIN_20151121_04_10_27_Pro

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