Finally, after years of work, the first book of the series is released.

It is a book about learning to deal with betrayal.

Pero of Penafiel’s life is shaken after Emperor Henry VI dies and his enemies come to destroy all he holds dear.  Despite the urging of his best friend and his fiance, he runs from his responsibilities at Capua for a haunted forest near the Apennines.  Angry with God, his despair drives him into a supernatural current that he can’t escape once he is swept up by it.  The further he gets from where he thinks he wants to go, the more truth he discovers about his enemies.  The crux of his problems is closer than he ever thought.


One thought on “RELEASED 

  1. Margaretta says:

    what is scarey to me is counting words and running an alphabet ra;0e#823&c.don’t get sucked into that drama…and your friend feels right to me…cut yourself some slack!

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