An Excerpt On Hell

‘There are no ghosts, no flying horses, no little men the size of leaves.  This is war for my sanity.’  One spirit was pressing him forward whilst the other spirit was yanking him back.  Irritated and defiant, offended at being treated like a pawn in this stupid little game, the Spaniard chose to stand his ground, refusing to do anything for either spirit, uncertain if this decision to do nothing was actually aiding one of them over the other or not.

A quick and terrifying gust filled with the freezing cold of winter, rushed up from behind him.  It carried within its vapors the putrid dark stank of the decaying corpses and dead plants he had experienced on Eagles Pass.  Pero turned back to look at it and the gust caught him straight in the face and blew back the long locks of his black hair.  ‘Magic.  Black magic.’  Before he could be truly astonished by this happening, something more astonishing and disturbing occurred.  The hellish roar of one of the shadowy, lumbering beast from Eagles Pass returned to his ears with a vengeance.  Pero’s heart skipped a beat.  ‘Hell is coming.’

– Excerpt from the Historical Fantasy Novel : The Crystal Crux-Betrayal

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