Another Excerpt to Tempt You

His swings with the axe were accurate and lethal, almost artful, the stems and stalks bending to his will, falling helplessly before him.  Sweating profusely, he did not appear labored.  There was an ease to his industry.  Pero didn’t understand it but he felt a wave of admiration washing over him.  He was suddenly reminded of the Griffin.  This single mindedness of action was commendable, very commendable, and yet, infuriating at the same time.  The peasant never rested, never tired, never paused or turned around to evaluate his betters.  He gave no hint of his frustrations.

In this scene, the Spanish caballero Pero de Alava, has pressed into his service, Cambio, a young peasant with knowledge of the surrounding territories.  Cambio will lead him to  The Eagles Forest where a quest on its unholy paths will commence.

If you would like to read the book, THE CRYSTAL CRUX – BETRAYAL, it is available in Paperback and ebook just about everywhere.  I provided some links below.  If you do purchase the book and read it, please share a review!  Thank you!

The Crystal Crux – Betrayal on Amazon

The Crystal Crux – Betrayal on Smashwords

The Crystal Crux – Betrayal on Nook

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