Excerpt About Luck

“You have not yet spoken of this quest my brother sent you on” Turstin stated.  “What were you to accomplish?”

The Spaniard nonchalantly waved his hand, his blue eyes roiling at the memory of the dubious command.  “It was nothing.  I had nearly forgotten all about it. The missing princess in Melfi will have to go on missing.  I have to figure out what to do if Gherardus comes.  My arrival here was simply luck.”

Turstin started warming his chin with his hand again, the seriousness from earlier returning.  “I assure you, Pero, nothing that happens in this world happens by luck.”

Pero heard him clearly enough but dismissed it.


You can find the paperback and ebook versions of this book on all major sites.  I thank all those who have already purchased a copy and invite all who have read it to leave a review!  Authors need reviews!

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