Technical Difficulties


That’s what I keep telling myself and those interested in THE CRYSTAL CRUX series.

I completed the second book of the tale – BLUE GROTTO, but ran into some snags.  The Kindle ebook is available but I’ve had to restructure the formatting and language three times already, so the latest and final updates should be available in the next 12-24 hours.

The Paperback version is still in limbo, going through similar formatting issues.  Hopefully, if the changes I applied are approved soon, the book will be available to order before Thanksgiving.  I will keep everyone updated.

And as form of apology, I offer an excerpt below from BLUE GROTTO.
Enjoy and watch for future news.  So close.  So close.

“If my Lord has no more uses for me,” Sinibaldus politely stated, his black hood bowing once again, “I will be retiring for a few days.  I leave immediately for Capri.  A boat awaits me in the harbor.”
       Talento scoffed.  “Capri?  What pleasures could you possibly hope to elicit from a place filled with sun worshipers?  I thought you had a condition.”
       Sinibaldus did not turn to face Talento and his frank conceit.  “My Lord is kind to concern himself with my – condition.  It gives me great joy to know that I’m in my Lord’s mind.”
       Talento’s countenance darkened.  He could feel the intimidating inflection, the threat and condescension contained in those choice words.  Talento knew all about the magician’s magic crystal and his ability to enter people’s minds and destroy them.  They were at war with one another for the very soul of the shadows.  This repertoire was another stabbing and Talento felt wounded.
       “I assure you,” Sinibaldus continued, “I will take proper precautions to protect myself on Capri.”  His head shifted and for the first time since entering the room, their gazes finally met.  “I always do.”
       Talento Fabbro cursed under his breath again, another minor tremor shaking him to his core.  It seemed the giant was always at his back, waiting.



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