Stormy Emotions

Viridian is a troubled young lady who sexualizes and fantasizes so much so, she has a difficult time fitting in with the rest of society.  During the day, she is ostracized and kept separate.

One person Viridian can always find solace in, is her Aunt Bertina who is considered barmy herself.

Bertina suffered a stroke giving birth to her second son, Talento, and was bedridden for nearly eight months.  And then something miraculous occurred – the Healing.  No one could explain the Healing but Bertina was back up on her feet again, laughing and dancing.  She could also speak with otherworldly beings, her emotions constantly swaying from one extreme to another.  Bertina can also “read” people, or so they believe.  She seems to possess secret knowledge of things concerning individuals, she simply should not know.  These things are private and personal.  And Bertina has no problem speaking these things and embarrassing people.  Why not?  In her time of need, they all forsook her, leaving her to lay helpless and alone in her room – everyone – including her own husband, Gherardus.

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