New Berlin Success

I had a great time at the New Berlin library Authorfest on April 1, 2017.  It was well planned and hosted, lots of traffic from interested readers.  Really a good experience for all involved.

I’m hoping to get into some other places, fairs and such but nothing else planned at the moment.  Right now I’m just trying to buckle down and get my head wrapped around Book Three in the series.  Lots of exciting ideas planned.  Have to put pen to paper, my fingers to the keyboard and get it hashed out.

Book Three will explore Day 4 – Monday, August 16, 1198 and Day 5 – Tuesday, August 17, 1198 – as well as plenty of flashbacks and backstory.  It promises to be exciting, enlightening, twisted and magical.

Allen M Werner is the author of the Epic Fantasy series The Crystal Crux.

New Berlin advert3

2 thoughts on “New Berlin Success

  1. jim baran says:

    Nice looking display. I think a nice cardigan sweater and a pipe would make you look more authorial. (authorial?) 🙂

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