Dualism in The Crystal Crux series

The major reason it takes me so long to write the books in The Crystal Crux series, is the attention to dualism I am attempting to explore, as an author.

And it is not simply one form of dualism but three that are being played out.  It is a multi-layered universe and requires a great deal of attention to perfection on what might seem otherwise minor or trivial matters, to pull it off.  Many things your read innocuously now, portend to things that occur later – and vice versa.

The first form of dualism if obvious and rears its head in most fantasy fiction – good versus evil.

Despite our desire to view good in all, we know that this is not how the world is wired and people can behave righteously but not flawlessly.  When the stakes get higher, the more likely it is, people are going to resort to being self-serving and devolve to their basest instincts.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they are evil people and incapable of good, kindness and benevolence.  For evil people, however, there is no maintaining the charade of virtue and their darker nature will eventually get the better of them.

Our heroes are imperfect but despite their shortcomings, they rise.  Much is thrust upon their shoulders, most of it not of their choosing, and with some grumbling and insolence perhaps, they bear it.  At the end of the day, their good nature will shine forth.

The second form of dualism in The Crystal Crux series is the mind versus the spirit.

I’m a religious person but not in a church-going, denominational, organized manner.  I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit to influence us to make the better choices.  I believe there is an all-powerful, all-knowing guiding spirit, just One, that pricks our conscience and reminds us that there is a righteous way, a way our mind does not want to go – for whatever reason.  And the mind has plenty of reasons.

It is my belief that the mind is constantly at war with this beckoning invisibility it cannot comprehend.  With all its knowledge and problem solving prowess, it denies the undeniable.  The mind works hard to convince us that this faith in the illogical is foolish and rejection of it is the only sane option.

In The Crystal Crux series, I try my best to keep all my characters involved in this internal conflict – no matter what is happening to them in their lives.  Like us, all of them have doubts.  All of them hear that bothersome voice that goes against their mind’s nature.  As difficult as any of their external struggles may be, it is the internal ones that eventually help them decide what it is they will do, or say.

And the third duality in The Crystal Crux series is time.

While the story seems focused on ten days in August, 1198, the events of this time are actually a byproduct, or fallout of a disastrous series of events that occurred in 1170.

Readers of the first book – Betrayal – will note that the very first chapter is titled – Meliore 1170.

While you are reading the rest of the books in The Crystal Crux series, bear in mind that there are many layers to what is happening and the majority of flashbacks concern events in 1170.

The dual nature of 1198 and 1170 drive the narrative.

(Please be sure to share this article and others like it with family, friends and acquaintances.  A self-published authors best form of advertising is word of mouth.  And who knows, maybe one day, this series will fall into the hands of publisher or agent interested in progressing it to a larger market.  I can only hope.)

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