When You’re Sick

It’s difficult enough to do anything when you are under the weather.

As a writer, my time to write is precious.  It is difficult enough fitting it in between the cracks of family and full time work.  When I’m sick, it’s even harder.

First off, I just want to sleep so I can get better.

Second, with an epic fantasy on my hands, there are so many elements I have to keep aligned.  All this thinking and contemplation is made more arduous when my head is clogged up with mucus and phlegm.  All the facts slip around and the tiredness is draining.

But even so, even though I have been feeling less than ideal, I accomplished a lot this weekend and Book Three of The Crystal Crux series, Cold Knight, is nearer completion.

One Chapter.  I have one chapter to finish.  It is the last chapter – and last chapters have to be special.  They have to leave the reader wanting more – leave them wanting to get into the next book in the series.  That alone, makes writing it even more difficult.

Hopefully, I’ll find time during the work week to complete it.

And on one other note – Friday, December 8, there is a holiday fair at MCFI main campus, 2020 West Wells Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 10am-3pm.

MCFI Portal

My wife and I have a table there.  She is selling crocheted things and I, my books.  If you are in the area, be sure to stop in and say hello, and check out the other vendors.

Cheers and Huzzah!

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