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Stand Alone, Third Book in The Crystal Crux epic fantasy series where nothing has gone well since the siege of Capua.

Pero de Alava has fallen off a mountain.
‘You are dead, estúpido. You’ll never see Anthea again.’

Anthea Manikos has been taken prisoner by the Castellan of Parthenope.
‘She had changed. The wolf wanted her to go exploring the garden. And she wanted to obey.’

Francis Whitehall lost his whole family and prays his former squire’s ship, The War Queen, is still docked at Mondragone.
“Some call me the Rose.”

Meanwhile, the Fabbro rulers, with the aid of Sinibaldus, a giant magician with a Bellerophon Crystal, continue to consolidate their power, although petty slights and warring factions between them, divide them.
‘He knew what his brother was scheming.’

Everyone has a secret and an agenda. Everyone is lying about something.
‘I can’t trust him. I can’t trust any of them, my sons most of all.’

And outside all this, the wall between reality and the supernatural is crumbling, as winged horses, scurvy crones, demonic imps and an old black dragon enter the fray, threatening to resurrect an ancient war initiated at the very beginning of Creation.
“Nephilim,” sneered Lethe. “We have not heard from that sorry lot for eons.”

The rain has never stopped falling. The good and the evil cannot escape it. What they do in the storm, is all that matters. How they survive, is this story.
‘There was no turning back. The roots and branches were pressing in closer and closer, the air growing colder and colder, nearly intolerable.’

‘‘They are unmerciful and savage. They’ll stop it nothing to get what they want.’

‘Bravest blood flows first.’

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