2018 January

Pretty pleased with the progress of The Crystal Crux book series.  I published the first book, Betrayal, on January 10, 2016.  Three epic books in 2 years.  Lots of work.  Lots of research.  Lots of learning.  Lots of trial and error.

This gap time, trying to step back and collect all my notes, organize my office and get things squared away with no actual writing to do, is strange.  I don’t want to start assembling the bone structure for the fourth book until I’m sure all my ducks are in a row, and the third book is behind me.

It is an immense undertaking once my head goes underwater and the medieval world of my characters tries to claim my life.  It’s difficult to rest or think about anything else.

Right now, I can think again.

I am working on some advertising options – foremost learning Photoshop, playing with animation and having some goodhearted fun.  Not much to look at yet, but like writing a book, it starts somewhere, and the first things you write and scribble down are nothing like the thing it eventually becomes.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the new book, Cold Knight, and leave a review on Amazon, Goodreads and anywhere else you can.  I have it listed under KindleUnlimited right now, so it’s free if you are a member.  Click Here to purchase Kindle Version of Cold Knight

The paperback is also available.  Click Here to purchase Paperback version of Cold Knight

03 IMG_9816 retouched Unicorn BOOK COVERsword2


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