It was two years ago today, January 10, 2016, I published my first book – The Crystal Crux – Betrayal.  So much has happened since, with my writing and in my life.  Amazing how nervous I was back then, taking that first step.  It has been worth it.  I’ve learned a lot, most of it the hard way – and I still have a lot more to learn.

I’ve sold books all over the world.  That, to me, is amazing!

I’m thankful to everyone who has supported me, who has invested hard earned dollars to read my fantasy tale, who has given me input, feedback, criticism and encouragement.  It’s been a wonderful road to walk and I’ve no plan to stop anytime soon.

The Crystal Crux series is a ten day adventure.

Book One – Betrayal, covered Day One of that adventure.
Book Two – Blue Grotto, covered Days Two & Three.
Book Three – Cold Knight, covered Days Four & Five.

Five more days to go.  Still unsure how many books it will take to finish it.  So many of the characters have grown in relevance and stature since I started, branches I never envisioned moving the tale into new light, new wonders.

It is as much an adventure for me, the writer, as it is for you the reader.

As always, self-published authors require your assistance.  Word of mouth is our best advertisement.  If you’ve been enjoying the tale, please share it with a friend, involving them in the quest.

Thank you – One and All

Author Allen M Werner Amazon Page

(For reasons unbeknownst to me right now, Amazon has not linked the new book, Cold Knight, to my author page.  I will be talking with them about that)

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