Book Review Rings Of Polaris Collection

The ‘Rings of Polaris’ by author Paul Alan is three book collection of fast-paced, time-bending sci-fi action which assaults the readers senses, challenging ones understanding of the universe and technology while avoiding many of the confusing tropes and lingo commonly associated with this genre.

rings of polariss

Jason Bjorn, captain of the Chameleon, on a dystopian earth, shows himself to be a hard, crass, loner.  All the unpleasantness, however, drips away as you learn more about Jason’s history, his setbacks.

His complex character is further enhanced by his relationship with his SYNTH, Sophia.

The world building is complex but the reader is never meant to understand it all, not right away.  Enough is revealed to keep the reader intrigued and slowly, the depths are revealed, the politics, the black market, and the powerful Polaris Corporation (Sovereigns of the galaxy).

Trying to amass enough wealth to elevate from a lonely Level 4 living condition, Jason agrees to engage in some illegal activity.  He must transport nuclear enriched power rods to the Vril.  Of course, he is told it will be easy and he won’t get in any trouble.

It’s not easy and he does get in trouble but being double-crossed tends to do that.

Things go sideways and Jason loses his cargo before being captured.  In the midst of being tortured, his gallant SYNTH strides in and saves the day, but not without sustaining injury.

Jason takes the SYHTH, Sophia, to SYNTECH where she is not only repaired but upgraded.  The story really gets going now as Sophia takes on a new, more compelling personality.  The relationship between the SYNTH and Jason adapts as her fondness and affection for him, and desire to be seen as sentient, leads her to choose her own name.

Mind you, this is still book one.

Jason’s character matures as he slowly begins to understand that he actually knows little about the world and the universe.  There is far more going on than he could imagine.  From Operation Black Star, to primitives on Mars, to the Star Child of the Anunnaki, Jason’s whole world is shaken to its core, eventually smacking into a time bubble.

Rings of Polaris has something for everyone, especially for those who love Sci-fi.

My only complaint would be some of the editing and formatting of the book.

At times, these interfered with my pace as a reader.  Having been three stand alone books before being compiled into one collection, those issues probably should have been worked out and dealt with.

Please don’t let this minor criticism prevent you from checking out this series.  You won’t be disappointed by the story.  You won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough.

Allen M Werner is author of The Crystal Crux epic fantasy series.
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