Book Review Lifeblood

“Lifeblood” by author Werner A Lind is an old school vampire story featuring an old school vampiress dropped in modern day rural Iowa.

Dead by all accounts, and part of a touring museum exhibit on the occult, Ana Vasilifata escapes.  The driver of the armored car carrying the exhibit is drunk and involved in an explosive accident.  The stake stuck in Ana’s heart for centuries is dislodged and she comes back to life and flees.

Questions are asked and concerns circulate immediately when the remains of the young woman are not recovered.

Seeking shelter, not prone to the violent, aggressive tendencies generally associated with the undead in most stories like this, Ana finds an abandoned old building and takes to feeding on stray animals and wild creatures, trying her best to avoid contact with humans.

Joshua Davidson, who was one of the first responders at the scene of the accident, notices a light in the old Roger’s place while driving home.  He checks it out and is enamored by the fetching young transient who says she is passing through.  She speaks differently and admits to being from Transylvania.  He finds reasons to visit her and spend time with her, even getting her work sewing and repairing clothing.  And as the story proceeds, and hints are dropped, Joshua refuses to believe vampires exists, so naturally there is no way Ana could be one.

Others, however, are not so convinced.

A troublemaker named Itchy crosses paths with Ana and begins to take dangerous steps to expose her, most of which backfire on him.

I’m not usually a fan of vampire stories but there is no glitter and violent bloodletting in this offering.  It is fun and clean.  It is an easy read that ends with a unique moral twist I found refreshing.  I highly recommended this vampire tale.

Allen M Werner is the author of the epic fantasy series The Crystal Crux.
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