Two Things At Once

Now that I’ve shelved the Prequel and started working on Book Four of The Crystal Crux series, I decided to try something else as well.

The first three books of The Crystal Crux series are not flying off the shelves.

Being self-published and possessing no $$$ for marketing, the fate of the first three are largely dependent on the release of new books.  Usually when I start selling a new edition, I’ll see a slight bump in the older books as people who hadn’t ready the earlier offerings decide to go back and read them.

To try and escape the self-publishing world of anonymity, and land a publisher and/or agent, I am re-editing and tightening up the first three books.

I’m going to slim them down and press them together into one large offering.

And then I’ll send this edition to prospective publishers and agents.

I haven’t sent anything to a publisher or agent in years.

One thing self-publishing has done for me is blessed me with experience, and experience has made me wiser.

I know I am a better writer now.

I know I am a better editor now.

I can trim a lot of fat, clean up the language and sharpen various scenes, make them more powerful and direct, as well as hint at future events.  I’m excited to try this.

And don’t worry, this will NOT be a YA edition.  The books will retain their edge.

After I was unable to find a publisher or agent for Betrayal, I went the self-publishing route and was pleased with the reception I received.  I decided I would keep doing it myself, keep self-publishing.

Unless you have money to advertise, love to connect with people and promote yourself every day, self-publishing will, if you are lucky, as I have been, gain you a small, loyal following.

Perhaps I really wasn’t ready to be published by a large publishing house when I first started.  I have to accept that fact.

Three years later, however, I’m ready to give it another whack.

So, if you know any agents or publishers looking for an epic fantasy with great world building and strong, unique characters, send them my way.  🙂

In the meantime, I’ll keep writing, bouncing back and forth between Book Four and the new re-editing of the other three.

Stay tuned for more.

Enjoy your summer and keep reading!

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One thought on “Two Things At Once

  1. Christine Keleny says:

    Best of luck finding an agent! Look for writer’s conferences that have agents that are interested in your genre. It’s best to meet agents face to face if you can. Otherwise, there is always Writer’s Market – from your local library. But maybe I’m telling you things you already know. 😉

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