Writing Update October 2019

I’ve been reading so many books and writing so many reviews, one might think I haven’t been working on my own book – but I have.  Believe me when I say, it is much easier to read than write a book.

I completed a ton of work on the Prequel I spoke a while ago about doing.  It is on hold.  I hit too many roadblocks along the way and I’ll probably see things much clearer when I get back to it, probably sometime in 2020.

Right now I am working on Book Four of The Crystal Crux series, Days 6 and 7.
(August 18-19, 1198)

I’m nearly done with Day 6, although there is far more happening on Day 7.

The entire book is mapped out and broken down into chapters.  I know precisely what is going to happen within each of them.  And I can see it all in my head.  Now it is simply a matter of getting it down in words.  After that, the small details and the editing.

Not making promises this time around but my sincere hope is to release it before the end of the year.  Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the book reviews and help spread the word on the first three books in The Crystal Crux series, Betrayal, Blue Grotto and Cold Knight.

Happy Reading.

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