The paperback version of the new book, The Crystal Crux – Shimmer, is now available on Amazon. Here is the back cover. It is a twisted look into Eagles Pass. I thought about using it as the cover but thought it a bit too much for that. I still wanted to use it. I have two variations of this back cover as well. The darker greener grittier version as well as a brighter lighter version. I may try to have some posters of it printed up for sale. We’ll see. Somewhere down the road.

Click the link below to purchase a paperback / Kindle version of Shimmer.

Excerpt from The Crystal Crux – Shimmer

‘How foolish I must look with my back turned to them.’
And the gold wall brightened, and Pero was compelled to open his eyes.
The scene behind him evaporated, the castle, the bailey, the knights, and the
victims. The only reflection was his own once again.
Another man approached from behind. His visage was misty, yet his eyes were
bluer and more defined than Pero’s. He leaned in and whispered. “For now we
see through a glass darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then
shall I know – even as I am known.”
“What does that mean?” Pero sighed, remorseful, drained.
“It means the rain is falling hard this day, Pero de Alava. Saints and sinners are
hurting all the same. Don’t let the storm cause you to forget who you are.” The
stranger’s blue eyes brightened more, enveloping Pero in a warm protective
glow of serenity.
“Are you God?” Pero asked.
“We are all angels, Pero. One and all.”

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