Book Review: The Du Lac Prophecy Book 4

I have been following the Du Lac Chronicles series since the start. It is an exciting medieval adventure based on Arthurian legend. The fourth installment carries on the bold tradition.

It had been while since I read the 3rd book but I had no problem picking right up from where the story left off. While feuding amongst themselves, the great Houses of Du Lac and Pendragon are still at war.

Amadine had been rescued from a fiery death by the believed to be dead but badly injured, Merton Du Lac, but not without consequences for their accomplices. The story begins with Arthur’s son, Mordred, torturing Abbot Daniel. Bloodied and dragged before Philippe, King of Brittany, and Archbishop Verus in Benwick Castle, he tells them nothing. Philippe, having knowledge of the escape, and infatuated with Amadine himself, was concerned the Abbot would break and give him up. He is saddened by the Abbot’s amazing resolve and relieved by the conclusion of the horrible episode. The vengeance, however, doesn’t end with the Abbot’s death as Verus and Mordred burn the guards who let her escape, kill ten random women and go after the monks who served under Abbot Daniel.

With Brother Sampson, Yrre and Alan, Merton (now called Galahad to hide his identity) and Amadine escape on a boat, sailing to Cerniw where Merton’s brother, Alden, is King.

To complicate matters, Amadine reveals that she is not completely outraged by Philippe’s terrible treatment of them while in custody because he did aid in her escape, and she learns from Merton that her former husband, Garren, is still alive.

Alan, the Keeper of the Blade – Draiocht, who has an interesting little exchange with a nun who is doubting her vows, is set to begin a quest. He is sworn to fulfill an ancient prophecy reuniting Arthur’s knights. The only problem is, he doesn’t know where they are, or if they are still alive. How much help could they be? They must be old men by now.

When the six ancient weapons of Briton are recovered, the Blade, the Sword, the Shield, the Spear, the Cauldron, and the Stone, Arthur’s knights will ride again and hopefully end Mordred.

Book 4 features wonderful writing that draws the reader into every scene with careful attention to historical accuracies. I highly recommend this book as well as the whole series. 5 stars – and now I can go read book 5 as well.

Allen M Werner is the author of the Epic Fantasy series The Crystal Crux

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